My name is Duvan Botha. I am 30 years old. 

I am a self taught video editor and graphic designer. 

My strengths are as follows:





Hard worker

Open to learning new things

Fast learner

I am always seeking opportunities to improve myself and work on my weaknesses in the field.  I am efficient and effective in what I do and have built experience by working hard. I work well under pressure and also have good communication skills.

I have experience in video editing, design, motion graphics (logos, intros/outros, photo slideshows and ads (social media), sketching and illustration.  I produce high quality videos for all the work I do so it can be used on different media platforms.

The programs I use are listed below:

Adobe Premier Pro

After Effects


I have attached a link below for you to view some of my work.

Any consideration is highly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards,